The TRUE ENEMY to results. Not carbs or fats...

Sugars. Carbs. Fats.
These DO NOT make you FAT.

The Media, Industry, and a lot of "trainers" have created these myths around sugar, carbs, and fats being the culprit for unwanted weight gain and what has gotten most people overweight...


Weight gain is more so directly related more to the over-consumption of calories from any macro nutrient. When eating excessive amounts of calories over long periods of time, you end up putting your body into a caloric surplus meaning, you are consuming more than you are burning within the day.

Macro nutrients are Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates. Like mentioned above, neither of these individually cause weight gain BUT they are not all equal...

Protein = 4 Calories per gram
Carbohydrates = 4 Calories per gram
Fats = 9 Calories per gram!

Avoiding fat dense foods can help keep your daily caloric goal in check. Fats can hide in all types of foods, especially fast food and can sky rocket your daily calorie intake with very little food needed!

So when you track your daily calorie intake, make sure you are not completely cutting out any macro nutrient as Sugar, Carbs, or Fats ARE NOT the sole reason you haven't reached your goals...
For progress in any part of life, consistency is the key. It does not matter what "diet" or plan you follow if you cannot be consistent with it. It just won't work. 
If you half-ass it, cut corners, or tweak it "for your comfort", expect to get half-assed and cut short results. No easy ways out unfortunately and it is best to get that mindset from the start so you do not waste your own time or energy. 
Just some tough love from yours truly... I want to see the best out of everyone. That usually doesn't come from doing what's easiest or comfortable. 

Eat MORE to gain. Eat LESS to lose. Keep it SIMPLE, because it should be!
If you find you need help getting started tracking your foods and moving that progress needle forward, please reach out at-
We are here to help!

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