GlycerPump is a Trademarked and standardized form of the molecule called Glycerol. We utilize this trademarked ingredient in our products for many different performance enhancing aspects but here's how it works below!

Glycerol accumulates in body fluids, except those found in the eyes and brain, increasing osmotic pressure and the total volume of water in the body. It can also be used as an energy substrate, and if consumed in large enough quantities, could contribute to the energy yield during training.

When glycerol is consumed orally, as in the case of sports supplements, it’s rapidly absorbed by the body and distributed between fluid compartments before being metabolized by the liver and kidneys. If it’s consumed along with a hefty amount of fluid, osmotic pressure increases which helps your body retain that large volume of fluid and leads to the expansion of various fluid spaces in the body. This creates a state of “hyperhydration”, which is of great benefit to hard-training athletes, particularly endurance athletes.

GlycerPump is an ingredient that falls under the "hygroscopic" terminology. Hygroscopic- a substance that tends to absorb moisture from the air
 This ingredient can attract moisture at normal temperatures BUT increases sensitivity to moisture when put in hot humid environments.
Pro tip: Keep your supplements in cool dry places.
We want to help explain this because sometimes regardless of where you may store your products that contain forms of GlycerPump, they may end up getting "clumpy."  DO NOT WORRY! Your product is still completely SAFE to use and is not "bad". 
GlycerPump is designed to hyper-hydrate your muscular cells, increasing your overall total volume of water in the body! More hydration equals more pumps!
Simply mash or break up clumps with your scooper before each use! Once you scoop your product into a shaker or cup of water, watch it easily dissolve away like any other product. Almost like... Magic.


Here at GymFlo we go the extra mile to add Trademarked ingredients like GlycerPump to ensure you are getting exactly what you are looking for and what we CLAIM!

 We utilize this ingredient in our products- All or Nothing X and Dpump pre-workouts!

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