About Us

From product formulation, manufacturing, customer relationships, and overall experiences, we do what is RIGHT. GymFlo is a family in its roots and we would only treat and serve our family like we would want to be treated.

We believe in Loyalty. To get this, you must give it. Without Loyalty we are not a family, and without loyalty we cannot create value. Loyalty is what will create our community and culture.

Become better than yesterday. Continue raising the bar for not only our teammates but our service to our community. We see any standard as a challenge to aim above and conquer.

We take responsibility for our actions and performance. No passing the blame when it comes to correcting issues or completing tasks. We always follow through and make it right.

When it comes to service and experience, we set out to over-deliver. Word of mouth is and will always be our heart beat. It is the strongest path to creating growth and value within our community. Going the extra mile is not only for our customers but for ourselves. It's not always these easiest way to do things, but its the most rewarding way.

Think BIG. Have FUN. Enjoy the LIFE.