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What do you mean, you might ask?? I cannot promise this will fix all your problems or knock out that monster to-do list you have written up for the day, but you will feel much more accomplished with your days just with this little tip.  


Start your day off with a routine. I am not talking about some extensive workout program or cleaning the house. This routine needs to be something very simple. I would recommend it being something that you start immediately after waking up. Not waking up and sitting in bed for a few minutes staring at your phone. Literally, wake up, get up, get moving. The longer you sit in bed, the more time you have to talk yourself out of doing anything. Try an beat the day(sunrise)! Something about having accomplished something for yourself even before the "day" began is very fulfilling and builds a strong positive vibe for the day. Even adds more time to the rest of the day if you prioritize things right.


I personally start my day off with cardio. It is a routine that not only clears my head, but also helps my keep my body and fitness a priority as I believe in having a strong body transfers into a stronger mind. If you look good, ya feel good... This cardio time also allows my mind to think freely, or I use it to knock out podcasts or YouTube videos that I like to watch instead of them burning up my time throughout my work day.


When choosing a task or routine to start the day with, keep it simple, something you can do every day, and focused on bettering YOU. Other recommendations for routines could be as simple as making your bed every morning! Go outside for 15-30 min walk every morning. leave your phone behind and allow your mind to think freely. It sounds weird to say it, but meditate during this time. Read 10 pages of a book. Do yoga in your living room.. The list could go on, BUT just make sure it is something that can be accomplished every day to become a routine, and that it betters you! 


Even if everything else for the rest of the day goes sideways and turns to shit, you can at least finish the day knowing you accomplished SOMETHING for yourself!


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