THE PUMP | More important than you think!!


"The Pump" is more than just your typical "Bro" term that you may hear in the gym. If you have a goal of shaping and/or building muscle onto your frame, the pump is crucial for this to take place. 


When training a particular muscle group, whether it is lagging or not, you should utilize a weight range that is fully controllable but enough to put tension or load on those fibers. When lifting, don't just mindlessly move the weight or toss it around without intent. Slow down and focus on controlling both the eccentric and concentric motions of the lift. Truly allowing the muscle at hand to do the work and not tap into other unnecessary muscles. The most optimal training style for pump and shaping the muscle will be found during Hypertrophy training. Make sure to watch the video above to see how you can optimize daily habits and enhance your pumps in the gym!



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I one hundred percent completely agree, eccentric or negative training activates the most fibers. If you look up the 30-10-30 it is highly highly effective, then you could even and an isometric hold to the position for roughly 10 to 60 seconds what’s a pre exhaust the working muscle and then do as many reps as possible which I found to be very rewarding in terms of hypertrophy. I have found and also it is holds merit with citations that controlling the eccentric while adding a controlled explosive concentric greatly increases the activation of all fibers and when I like to do at the end is add a static stretch. Just my two pennies but y’all are amazing, the best company I’ve came across in terms of products, knowledge, engagement, honesty and transparency. Y’all are “Xperts” in this industry that is very misleading an offering gives misconstrued information but y’all keep doing what you’re doing because it’s inspiring and I’m going to turn my hustle up. Even though I don’t take the fever I guess I had the hustle fever since I only use the fever pre-contest!!!

Zeus Lazer April 01, 2020

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