Caffeine is found naturally in many plants, and is also produced synthetically which has made it available in a variety of forms. It is considered a stimulant within when consumed. Research and development have benefited the supplement industry through the creation of a number of different types of caffeine, enabling products to include blends for further performance advantages.
Caffeine reduces sedation and relaxation by inhibiting the production of Adenosine, a chemical associated with sleep. This results in an increase in wakefulness, focus, better body coordination and an increase in performance in cardiovascular and anaerobic exercise.

In sports supplements, you will find Caffeine Anhydrous used for increased energy, focus, and performance. However, the potency of caffeine anhydrous can cause some negative side effects. Everyone can react differently to caffeine.. Some common issues include jitters, dizziness, gastrointestinal upset, nausea, and diarrhea—all of which can cut a workout short. A secondary complaint with caffeine anhydrous is a crash experienced once it’s cleared the bloodstream. The quick spike of energy you feel is mirrored by a similar steep drop, which can leave the user looking for more caffeine to pick them back up. This type of caffeine is regarded as “harsh” on your system, likely due to its potency.
With some of the side effects in mind we at Gymflo formulated All or Nothing X:Pre-workout with Caffeine Anhydrous AND Di-Caffeine Mallate(Infinergy™)!
Infinergy™ is a Trademarked and patented form of Caffeine bonded to Malic acid. This form is a buffered version of caffeine that produces the same stimulatory effects of caffeine whilst protecting the stomach from the upset that can be experienced with caffeine anhydrous. Specifically malic acid works to improve the stomach’s digestive functions whilst also playing an important role in the Krebs cycle; the intracellular process of energy production.
With BOTH Caffeine Anhydrous and Infinergy combined, we have created an experience that will help keep you focused and energized with a lowered potential of "crashing" or an upset gut!


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